Sheds light on your strengths. Stimulates intuition & imagination. Can teach exceptional strength & the art of adaptability. Harmony. Motherhood.

Bees remind us to nurture our families and communities. They symbolize open communication, balance, union, belonging, stability and harmony. Bees teach us that amazing things result from co-operation. 

Cedar has been revered for its spiritual significance for thousands of years. It is also known as a powerful medicine in many cultures; celebrated for its ability to heal, purify and for spiritual protection. Many people believe cedar to promote peaceful thoughts and to help interpret messages from the inner self. In ancient times, the cedar tree was thought to house important gods and to be an entrance to higher realms. Said to store energy and release it for important healing, it also happens to be downright beautiful.

Our ancestors recognized copper as an essential healing mineral, and have used it in medicine the world over for thousands of years. Between the Ancient Egyptians, Romans, Greeks and Aztecs to Nomadic Mongolian tribes and healers from Ancient Persia & India – records of the use of copper to heal everything from ulcers, to wounds and sore throats, and to reduce inflammation all over the body, abound.

Still today you can find copper jewelry to wear for the treatment of arthritis but for the most part you will be limited to machine made, boring looking copper found in pharmacies; sadly that stuff lacks beauty, intention, design and craftsmanship.

I make copper jewelry that is alive with beautiful patterns from nature. My designs will bring a smile to your face and make you happy, protect and nourish you when you go out in the world.

Symbolizes the eternal relationship between wood & water, forest & sea, life & death. A tangible reminder of the ever-present moment which is at once past, present & future.

Possesses miraculous healing power. Bearer of hope & symbol of love. Associated with longevity & resilience.

Pine Cones are considered symbols of power, regeneration and rebirth – immortality and the divine. They are sacred decorations that offer a symbolic representation of human enlightenment, the Third Eye and the Pineal Gland.

As abundant as raindrops in Coastal BC, this sturdy plant grows with fierce, happy determination toward the sea. It is a symbol of prosperity.

Starfish signify spiritual truths and symbolize love. They represent guidance, vigilance, inspiration, brilliance and intuition. When a starfish comes into your life, you can expect a period of healing & regeneration.

Serenity, purpose and the meaning of life. 

Reminders of the need for constant change. Provide motivation. Support for personal metamorphosis. Associated with great spiritual epiphanies.

Support for obtaining new ideas & opportunities. Instills great patience & faith. Balances anxiousness with patience & communication with silence.

This trees poet spirit can teach healing & the ability to see inner beauty. Linden reminds us to follow our heart & pursue our dreams.

Can teach pacing oneself, persistence, focus & determination. Limpet teaches flexibility and balance of emotions. Aids in discernment and guides you home to a safe place. Grounding.

A magic symbol for transformation. They are a positive, loving, female force.

Oahu means "Gathering Place" in Hawaiian language.The texture from this series comes from a sweet and unusual twig I found on one of the most lush and beautiful beaches I have ever experienced. So much great energy in these pieces!

Beauty, charm grace. A symbol of generosity, iimmortality and tenacity because of its ability to withstand major stresses and still thrive and produce beautiful fragrant flowers that it seems to give away freely.  

Connecting with your inner self, trusting instincts, solving your own problems. Improving relationships. symbolises forgiveness and grace.