katequenchprofile5.jpgThere is a tilting old building in the heart of Vancouver. If you visit there, you will be welcomed with cups of tea or tumblers of wine or mugs of water. Your eyes will feast on stacked stones and woodpiles, glittering metals and shells and books, ideas and images. This is the studio of artisan Kate Barazzuol and one of the many creative muses for her work.

Kate has been captivated by texture and colour since her early childhood. Explorations through the forest in her backyard and along the beaches of Nova Scotia where she grew up instilled a deep sense of curiosity about the intricate nature of the organic world. Her work is a truly unique interpretation of the beautiful objects and patterns we find in the elemental world around us. Renderings of images from nature, and ideas from her inner and outer explorations – if you ask her where her inspiration comes from, she will tell you she breathes it in, and each of these unique pieces is the way it flows through her.

Kate's jewelry embodies boundlessness with antique patinas, rugged, sophisticated simplicity and wearable design. To put one of these pieces against your skin is to feel warmth against your body, a smooth stone in your palm, wood smoke, juniper, a salty breeze, and a cool morning mist.